I Pad II…a swollen I Pod Touch


Last weeks highly anticipated release of the I Pad II left me predictably unimpressed. Still unanswered for me is, why is this better than a I Pod Touch and, why does anyone really need it.
Yes they added a front and back facing camera but why did they forget that in the first place? Yes the dual processor is faster, it is thinner and lighter and oh…it comes in white but really, do I NEED to have one? My answer is a definitive NO.
I so tried to talk myself into getting one and yes…will be will be one of the many, squishing into the Apple store like a Tokyo salary man on the Shinjuku train just to have the privilege of holding one but, will I buy it…again no. I am too spoiled by my Apple/Android combo that I’m sporting now and find myself leaning more and more towards open source platforms. Having said that, no one does touch technology like Apple and that is one aspect of screen technology that other companies should spend some time trying to copy. I had the opportunity to play with the Motorola Xoom at the GDC in SF and was quite impressed. I love the size and the speed and still contend that Apple shot themselves in the virtual foot by axing Flash Player.

I think we will see amazing things happening in the next few years with tablet technology. For more on this, check out this eye opener from Fast Company:



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