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Say bye bye to unlimited data plans. The phone companies will try and tell you it’s to protect you, the consumer from data hogs who slow up your connection by using more than their fair shares of band width. Wow…my wireless provider is really looking out for me…Wrong! While it is true that currently the average consumer uses less than 1 GB of data per month, as smartphones, tablets , i phones, i pads and other data sucking devices continue to improve and inspire, that number will most assuredly increase and they know that. Sorry you now have to take your carrier of your holiday card list.
There are still a few rogue carriers that offer unlimited but if you’re the adventuress type and often find yourself outside city limits, you will find the phone coverage on these carriers, how can I put this…crappy.
Verizon and AT&T, the top two carriers, offer a 2GB plans which for most consumers is more than enough for watching You Tube videos, downloading apps, Tweeting and texting. Where you run into the potential for trouble with the 2 GB plan is streaming. If you like to access Netflix from your digital device or use it to stream Pandora into your office, sadly, 2GB will not suffice. The best way around this is to utilize a wi- fi connection whenever one is available which will leave your data in tack and unscathed. I don’t recommend using a public wi-fi connection for ANYTHING secure such as banking or shopping, for these activities, your phone line is much more secure.

Here is a small chart that might help you determine how much data you might use.
• Email (text only) = 10KB
• Typical Web Page Lookup* = 1.5MB
• Audio Streaming = 40MB/hr
• Lo-Res Video Streaming = 200MB/hr
• Hi-Res Video Streaming = 400MB/hr
• Digital Photo download/upload (Hi-Res) = 1MB

Most of the major carriers of usage calculators to help you determine which plan would work best for you.
The internet, most of it free access, has spoiled us all into thinking that information of this caliber and speed will and should always be free. Not to be. As the big communication and entertainment companies work harder on ways to harness and charge for whatever they can, we will see charges for many things that they know we have become addicted to and for a small price…will pay for. That’s what they’re banking on!

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