One Ringy Dingy…


When is a phone booth not a phone booth…If a two way conversation were intended for more than two people, then instead of phone booths, we would have had phone buses. I will admit, I take issue with anyone saying anything to me when I am in the privacy of my own public restroom but screaming at someone on a cell phone, really? Does the screamer think that the four walls surrounding them are soundproof? Or maybe they think if you can’t see me…you can’t hear me. Is there no place sacred anymore? Technology is a beautiful thing but so is common courtesy. We now have so many toys and gadgets that we are forgetting our manners. Emily Post is doing back flips in her grave right now so Technorella is taking over and is about to lay one down right here and now.
Public Restroom Etiquette
1. No cell phone conversations in restrooms or restroom stalls.
Think of it as secondhand verbal smoke. In fact…
2. Cell phones users like smokers should only be using their phones in designated cell phone areas.
We’ll build cell phone aquariums right next to the smoker aquariums at the airport.
My phone and I are attached at the hip and checking messages…well…we’ll cover that topic later but, like the bumper sticker reads: If I can hear your cell phone…you’re too close!



  1. Alfred P. Kielwasser, November 9, 2011:

    Hear, hear! (or should I say… not hear, not hear?). I’ve always said – the less talking there is when I am peeing, the better. And I have never said that WHEN peeing. Of course.

    Cell phones do make many adults behave like children, and not in any of the “isn’t he cute” ways. Talking out loud, too loud, anywhere, everywhere. Assuming everyone wants to hear what you have to say. Not caring or noticing that everyone hears what you have to say. Your basic babbling.

    “We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”
    Marshall McLuhan

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