“We believe that the accessibility of our training programs, availability of our instructors and our attention to your needs sets us apart from others in the computer training industry.” Stacy Allegro


Keep the Business Edge!


Computer and social media strategy classes give professionals an edge in the constantly changing business world. New, important software updates and releases come out often and technology evolves faster than ever before. Stay ahead of the curve and schedule a training class today. We have flexible options to meet all of your training needs.


Our goal at Technorella is to improve organizational effectiveness and productivity with these training options.


Individual Training
Designed and customized to fit the requirements of a busy schedule. Work in your own space, at your own pace.


Private Group Training
Starts with an assessment to evaluate and develop the best training program for your team. We develop cost-effective solutions for improving your team’s productivity.


Corporate-wide Training Programs
Enhance skills and increase job satisfaction by providing regularly scheduled training options for your employees.


Fun and Interesting
Computer training does not have to be dull and boring. We believe in making our classes relevant, engaging, interesting and fun! Classes are hands on, instructor led and offer a wide variety of training services tailored to fit your needs and the needs of your company.


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Additionally, our instructors are consultants to the technology industry, so they have a wide range of experiences and practical solutions to share.


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training solutions is right for your team!