“The greatest thing in life is to keep
your mind young.” Henry Ford




Learning technology is much easier than you would expect and is a magical way to stay connected to your children, grandchildren, family and friends.


Technorella has developed proprietary lessons with older adult and senior learners in mind. Our coaches will design a program based on your learning style and needs.


Here are just a few of the many ways technology can enhance your life:


Keeping in touch
Family members live farther away from each other than ever before. We have had clients see their grandchildren for the first time on the internet, find an old college roommate, follow the college career of a child or grandchild, and follow loved ones adventures while traveling with photo sharing and free phone calls.


Ask questions
You can ask the internet any question you want and get an answer. You can usually get much better service from a service provider’s web site than you can having to navigate through one of those annoying ‘press one for service’ phone menus.


You can watch old TV shows and movies, window shop at Tiffany or Bloomingdales, and find out what all of your favorite entertainers are up to. Finding a partner for bridge, mahjong or solitaire is easy online.


Thinking about taking a cruise or road trip, eating at a new restaurant or researching your family tree? There are many websites with a wealth of information that you can learn to access without ever leaving your chair.


Did you know that many of the finest universities offer full classes online for free? Imagine being able to take a physics class from a Harvard professor or a history class from Stanford, in the comfort of your own home.


Meet people
Book and movie clubs, walking groups, bird watchers, almost every club has an online presence. Join a new group or communicate with the members of your existing group.


Let an experienced Technorella coach help you learn to love and embrace technology.





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