Is technology passing you by, or pissing you off. Do you want to understand some of it but feel a bit paralyzed? You are not alone. Everyday we are bombarded by the latest and greatest technology but what if I just want to make a phone call? or take a picture without having to spend a thousand dollars on a camera and then need a degree from MIT to figure out. Is there such a thing as a dumb, smart phone?

Technorella is here help. We will try to answer any technology questions you feel comfortable asking.

Here are some sample questions:

How do I get on or off FaceBook?

What’s the best digital camera?

What is Twitter and why is it so ridiculously popular?

Do I need a smart phone?

Ask us anything you want and if we don’t know the answer…we will find it for you. Remember there are no dumb questions…just smart phones!



  1. eyeguy, March 6, 2011:

    dear technorella,

    how do you get a “point of interest” icon on google maps for my small business

  2. technorella, March 6, 2011:

    @eyeguy you must first go to google places and claim your business. Try this link:
    Once you have gone through the steps of claiming your business, bribe some of your loyal patients to write some reviews for you. Yelp reviews are also important for keeping your business high in the standings. Google has just changed their search criteria to try and legitimize their searches and keep companies from coding their way to the top so any local press you can garnish will also fair thee well. Lastly for I think 25 dollars a month you can talk to a google ad rep about enhancement placement which gives you a bolder listing with photo opps on the google map. Hope this helps!

  3. Keven Seaver, March 6, 2011:

    How do I join an RSS feed for your blog? I really didn’t even see a place to enter this comment. I just clicked on the small link “2 comments” at the top of the blog. Nothing looks easy. Thanks

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